I think Minnesota will be overwhelmed, and I think San Francisco coming off a bye will be very clever and take an early lead. He mentions that the Ravens can put their corners on islands, and load the box against Derrick Henry. I like San Francisco, but I don't love the pick. If San Francisco or Green Bay faced Kansas City their game plan is going to be 'run the hell out of the football and make them sit and watch'. This is a Green Bay team who is masquerading as a team. When a top 2 offense plays a top 2 defense, the defense has won 3 of the 4 matchups. This was a power running team, this isn't Kansas City losing their running back. This was a running team who had cluster injuries at running back. Aaron is going to have to play uncomfortable and take major risks and I don't think that's who he is now. When you have two great corners it allows you to cheat everywhere else, and I'll take the Ravens to win. Jason is the founder of ActionRush.

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