In fact, the sign up is also optional on this site, but when you sign up you get the additional features of dashboard and music organizing on this site which can be very much beneficial for you. You can create an account on BlueBeat to get started with it. I think the site is a complete treasure for the music lovers in colleges and offices. It is a completely free to explore site with no types of charges attached to it. While Mixcloud doesn't boast the big name of today's on-demand platforms, it does offer millions of mixes, radio shows and podcasts. Just visit and click on any radio channel to enjoy it. Slow Jams that make you fall in l Created for the th anniversary of her birth, lots of versions of songs made legendary by Lady Day. Make sure that you have a Google account. The great women of country music. The website features several categories of music such as Sad , Romantic , Hip-Hop , Instrumentals and a lot more. Mixcloud is basically a type of internet radio where you can not only listen to the best music but also can connect to your friends too.

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