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    For example, if you have only 20 employees, and one wants to take maternity leave, you have no obligation to pay her medical benefits or guarantee her job when she comes back, unless your company leave policy states otherwise. However, there are four states with publicly-funded paid maternity leave available in their temporary disability program. However, we recommend you consult your attorney. Note: This article provides general information only. Provide a flexible work environment and flexible schedule, such as part-time, or fewer, longer days that add up to her regular hours. Learn more here. However, she is not eligible for FMLA leave until she has been employed by you for one year unless your business is located in one of the states with unique requirements shown in the chart above. It should include what to do in a medical emergency like your employee going into labor as well as what to do in case of a fire, national disaster, weather incident, public safety incident, etc. We will continue to cover your health insurance premiums during your maternity leave given that you do return to work for ABC Company as previously agreed upon. All working women are eligible; company size does not matter.

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